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About Heywood House Hotel

The history behind this Liverpool hotel is very interesting.Founded by two brothers Benjamin and Arthur Heywood, the Heywood’s building was built in 1799 and is Liverpool’s oldest bank building.

Arthur Heywood, born in Ireland in 1716, arrived in Liverpool in 1731 at just 15 years of age. New to the city he took up an apprenticeship with local merchant and M.P. for Liverpool John Hardman where we worked to earn a living.

Ten years later in 1741, Arthur was joined by his brother Benjamin Heywood. Benjamin followed in his brothers footsteps by embarking on an apprenticeship as a merchant for James Crosby, a local merchant and Mayor of Liverpool.

The brothers worked hard as merchants and with various business interests, managed to acquire substantial earnings. Trusted pillars of the community, people in the city began to trust the Heywood brothers to take care of their surplus cash, bear in mind this is before the concept of public banking had even been established.

The Banking Business

It took off in 1773 and by 1799 the brothers had purpose built a premises on Castle Street known as The Heywood’s Building or The Heywood’s Bank. In 1774 they built two houses next to each other on Hanover Street which included a tennis court to the rear.

The business was passed down through the generations until finally in 1883, the business was sold to the Bank of Liverpool where it became known as the Heywood’s branch of Bank of Liverpool, retaining its founders name. In 1918 the Bank of Liverpool was dissolved into Martins Bank and the building became known as Heywood’s branch of Martins Bank. In 1969 the same happened again when Martins Bank merged with Barclays PLC.

Now home to one of the ‘coolest’ hotels in Liverpool,Heywood House Hotel is the UK’s first and only ‘budgetique’ product on the market. The decor is unique compared to other Liverpool hotels. It incorporates much of the original features and therefore no two rooms are the same. Laden with all the modern luxuries we have now come to expect, The Heywood’s Building retains it spectacular design and architecture.